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Data Center Sharing

The Bank has developed State-of-Art Data Center with excess capacity with the objective that small and medium sized banks can use the Infrastructure of the bank at minimum rent. These banks will not be required..

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This is feed back mail for your internet banking service. As per my knowledge & experience it’s good. I did not use some functions, it’s take some time. But as per my current experience it is very good...

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ISO Data Center

Depository Services

I, take this opportunity to have a maiden direct communication, as a chairman of the Bank, with our Shareholders, Customers, Well-wishers, dedicated staff and Public at a large through this medium; my heart is full of emotions while communicating with you and I have strong fervor to share my emotions with you. Banking is the oldest profession or business on the earth, it deals with money and since money is medium of exchange and medium of storing value, it get prominence.. » Read More

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